Jonathan Rollans

I can’t be certain if this is my main or my alt account, but you’re here and I’m here, so, hello!

I’m a and a lover of (most of my “hobby time” is spent working on various bits of server software with a recent heavy lean towards .

This account resides on an instance of (an ActivityPub server software) running on .

Also, I’m a lifelong, massive, fan. I love it all, I don’t hate on any Trek, it’s all good. Especially the bad.
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Now that I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 15 Pro I have the ability to limit the battery charge to 80%, which should enable the battery to last considerably longer than previous generations. I feel like I should start using that feature immediately so I get used to the battery life with it enabled from the start. I just wish whenever you set that limit it would adjust the battery graphic in the system to make it appear fully charged at 80%.