jrollans.com is a Fediverse instance that uses the ActivityPub protocol. In other words, users at this host can communicate with people that use software like Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, etc. all around the world.

This server runs the snac software and there is no automatic sign-up process.

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Louis @ Snac2 »

So, I've setup a Snac2 instance, which is a very minimalistic Mastodon-compatible fediverse server written in C, running on OpenBSD. It runs completely filesystem-based, Web UI is free of JavaScript and can be used with mobile Mastodon clients. If anyone is interested in a test account, lmk.

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Jonathan Rollans »

I see that now supports Articles posted to which means they will not appear in Mastodon clients (generally, I think) right?

Speaking of ActivityPub, anyone have some concise and simple breakdown documentation links handy? There’s kind of an overwhelming amount or information out there.

Stefano Marinelli »

Dear friends of and the ,
since December 2023, snac.bsd.cafe has been operational, initially in an experimental phase but has proven to be stable and reliable.

Thus, Snac2 is now available as a service of BSD Cafe. It is considered one of the best and most comprehensive "lightweight" implementations of , offering one of the best ways to interact with the Fediverse without the need for the extensive dependencies and components of Mastodon.

It is now possible to request an account on the snac2 instance of BSD Cafe. There isn't an automatic sign-up process (snac2 does not provide one, as it wasn't designed to create large communities).

For information and details, I suggest reading the relevant page on our Wiki: wiki.bsd.cafe/snac.bsd.cafe

Have a great week!

gyptazy »

2.48 (2.49-dev) compile for & . Thanks to @grunfink@comam.es for today's release!

This should help all the people that are running on hardware (like the , , , ...) and also want to run as a instance in the like me.

You can grab it here: https://cdn.gyptazy.ch/files/riscv64/ubuntu/snac/snac_2.49_dev_ubuntu_23.10_riscv64_linux.tgz